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Are you a portal, franchise group or independent that operates within the online classifieds industry? By submitting your XML schema to the SchemaShare library, others will gain the ability to import their listings & data feeds directly to you, hassle free. In addition, your brand will be exposed to all current and future users of Transmit, globally.

Our team will build and implement your schema for use on the Transmit application.

Your schema will be locked and can only be altered at your request.

All Transmit users will be able to import listings and export using your schema.

You will be provided with a Transmit account where you can monitor your Transmit schema.

Current XML Schema Library


Share your schema

In order to submit your schema to schemashare, we require a sample data set that is based on your current schema. All available fields should be included. You can provide us with this data set via a webpage or sample file. Fill out the submission form below, we will load your Schema directly to the library and let you know once complete.

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