How to Clone a Schema

Cloning an existing Schema reduces the need to create a new Schema from scratch if you wish to implement small scale changes.


Select Schemas from the main toolbar at the top of the page.


Click on the schema you wish to clone from the Manage schemas section of your library.


Click the Clone button to create a duplicate copy of your schema.


Update the name of your new schema and/or enter a version number to identify your clone from the original schema. Click Save to apply any changes made.


Make the appropriate changes to the new schema such as Adding Fields, Attributes, or updating present data. Click the Save button to apply any changes made.

In this example the Single Listing Field has been changed to a Multiple Listing.


You are now ready to activate your new schema by clicking the Publish button.

Please ensure that have allocated the field type UniqueID otherwise you will not be able to publish your schema.

Your new schema, including the original, can both be found within your schema library by clicking on the Schemas link in the main toolbar as shown in Step 1.

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