How It Works

Data Quality

A solid platform to convert, validate, and deliver your XML listings.

Simple to use

Create, configure and test in minutes, all without programming.


Your team will be notified via email as soon as any issues arise.


One to one mappings are easy, simply drag the input field to the output field and you are done.


You can also drag and drop to merge, split, or conditionally map fields to achieve any other one to many or many to many mappings required. Some mappings will be automatically configured, such as street address splitting or adding numeric values. Other mappings can be configured to give the exact output you require.


Convert each input field as necessary to meet the requirements of the output schema.


Text can be matched and replaced, units converted, images resized, watermarked, normalised and quality controlled. Fields that accept single or multiple values will be automatically expanded/contracted, matching input to output.


Set up validation rules to ensure data is correct and well formed.


Add validation rules to your feeds to ensure you are sending and receiving the highest quality data. Any listings that do not meet your rules will be ignored when files are processed by Transmit, the appropriate team will then be notified via email. A history of imported listings and files is maintained so you can check or reprocess imports at any time.


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