Generate a Schema Automatically

What is a Schema? A schema is used to describe the structure of the file you want Transmit to read or write.

Before you can create a feed, you will need to generate a schema based on the data you will be receiving and a schema based on the data you will transmitting. You can use the same schema for both the input and output schema if both data sets identical.


Select Schemas from the main navigation.


Click the Add schema button.


Give your new schema a name and click the Upload button.

Locate and select your sample XML file, then select Open.

Once “successfully uploaded” has appeared, click Next.


Single Listing Field: Click the first drop down box and select the correct Listing Field (the element that encapsulates your listings). The listing field in this example is ‘residential’. Click Next once selected.

In the example below, the listing field is ‘residential’ which is nested two nodes in.

Multiple Listing Field: In some cases you may use more than one element to encapsulate your listings. To enter multiple listings fields scroll down the page and the click the drop down box underneath “select the parent of the listing fields”, which is ‘propertyList’ in this example shown. Next, you will need to enter each listing field separated by a comma in the ‘Listing field(s)’ text box. Click Next when ready to move on.


Confirm the details of your Transmit schema, ensuring that the Listings Collection and Listing Field text boxes contain the correct information. If this information is not correct, you are able to enter data in the text box prior to the schema being published. Click Save if any changes have been made and move on to the next step.

Single Listing Field example.

Multiple Listing Field example.


Identify any incorrect fields, attributes or type definition which have been automatically populated by Transmit.


To edit a field or an attribute, click on the text box and type in the corrections. If you need to change a type definition, simply click on the drop down box beside ‘Type’ and select the appropriate definition. Ensure you click the Save button to apply changes made.

Please ensure that have allocated the field type UniqueID otherwise you will not be able to publish your schema.


Click Publish to activate your new schema.

NOTE: To locate your Schemas, simply click the ‘Schemas’ button from the main toolbar at the top of the page as completed in Step 1.

Your new Transmit Schema can now be used in any feeds that you create!

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