Create a Schema From Scratch

This guide can be used as a reference if you’re creating a Transmit Schema without the use of a sample file. Please refer to the guide Generate a Schema Automatically (Recommended Setup) if you have a sample file available for use.


Select Schemas from the main toolbar at the top of the page.


Click the Add schema button.


Give your Schema a name and select Next.


Enter the Listings collection and Listing field values that is expected in the files that Transmit will be receiving/writing. You can input a Single Listing Field or Multiple Listing Fields.

Example of a Single Listing Field where only one value is required.
Example where Multiple Listing Fields are required.


Begin adding fields and attributes to your Schema.

Select the Add field or Add attribute button.

If you would like to set a field as a Repeating Element, click the paper icon highlighted in the image below.

Give your new Field a name. Select the Field Type. Select the Parent Field and click Save.

Lastly, enter an example for future reference and click ‘Save’.


Repeat the process of adding fields and attributes until your schema is complete.

Excerpt of a completed schema. When finalising your schema, ensure you have allocated the field type Unique ID or you will not be able to publish your schema.

Click Publish to finalise your new Transmit Schema.

NOTE: To locate your Schemas, simply click the ‘Schemas’ button from the main toolbar at the top of the page as completed in Step 1.

Your new Transmit Schema can now be used in any feeds that you create!

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