Save in September on New Accounts

Save in September on New Accounts

For a limited time only, Transmit Data is offering up to 50% off for new clients subscribing in September.

Send and receive listings from anywhere, to anywhere, in XML or use your own custom API connection and Transmit’s intelligent management dashboard.

Transmit is so efficient that many of our clients report saving in excess of 40 hours per month in maintaining their respective feeds and connections.

For the month of September, you will not only save up to 50% on your new account, you will save substantial time throughout the year(s). Contact us and see why Transmit is becoming the property industries best feed management application.

About Transmit Data: Transmit is a self-service SaaS feed management tool for the classifieds industry. We provide a secure connection and dashboard for you to easily create, edit and view your regular data feeds. Send and receive listings to and from Transmit as XML, CSV or your own custom API connection.

Even though many of our clients specialise in real estate and property, Transmit is able to assist any solution requiring the management or translation of listings from one website or database to another.

Create a new account, or email us for special pricing 🙂