Introducing SchemaShare – The Global Schema Library

Introducing SchemaShare – The Global Schema Library

Transmit Data is delighted to announce SchemaShare. A global library of portal schema’s, where users can upload, manage and share their portal schemas from around the world.

SchemaShare enables portal’s to submit their company’s schema (a format/structure for receiving listings) to the SchemaShare library, making portal’s client onboarding process much easier and efficient.

A market driven service, SchemaShare is designed to make the schema matching process less complicated, providing visibility across the entire process and simplifying an otherwise overly complicated and costly exercise.

“Transmit Data has invested significantly into the SchemaShare service. We wanted to illustrate our commitment to the industry and provide a service that could make a real difference,” says Joel Leslie CEO of Transmit Data.

“Submitting a schema is really easy. All portal’s need do is visit, fill in the necessary detail and the schema is submitted,” adds Leslie.

Transmit Data’s commitment to the ongoing & continual improvement of the SchemaShare service will ensure a robust central hub of schema’s for the world to share and use. Further improvements are planned, including an “App Store” like user interface, designed to promote the portal, their schemas, and their activities.

Due to this being the first development of SchemaShare, much has been tailored toward the property portal industry, however, subsequent industries such as cars, boats, travel and jobs are scheduled to be released by 1st quarter 2017.

Go to for more information and to submit your schema.